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Competitive Team Information

Champion Gymnastics competes at USAG levels 3-10 and Xcel.

Our goals are simple. We want to help parents raise great young ladies that are great citizens, great family members, great students and are also pretty great gymnasts. We believe gymnastics is an important part of our athletes’ lives but it should be just that … a part. Balance is important in life and gymnastics is no exception.

At Champion, we pride ourselves on having a great staff of people that you would want your child to share time with even if they were not coaching them. Character is very important to us in our coaching staff. Our staff bios can be found on our website and I think you will agree they have some impressive credentials – All Americans, Hall of Fame members, educators and years of experience. And the best part is they all love to teach gymnastics and HAVE FUN. If you watch a practice you will notice we work hard, the kids train hard and we all laugh and have fun. Why go to a lot of practice hours a week if you’re not having fun and working hard? We are serious about safety and training your child to be their best, but we also want your child to enjoy her time here.

We are not a production gym. We do not have huge numbers of kids at levels and run kids though endless drills and wait for the best ones to rise to the top to be placed in a different group. We believe in a hands on approach. No two kids learn the same way. It would be nice if they did and make our job a whole lot easier. We do not bully kids into skills. We do not weigh kids in. No one will yell at your child for eating a slice of pizza. We do teach them about healthy eating and healthy living habits. We do not tell them they are worthless if they can’t get a skill. We coach gymnasts to work hard and do their best each day. We also focus on TEAM. Everyone is a part of a team and each member is important. We support each other. We cheer for each other in good times and rough times. We think that is an important life lesson for children to learn. Life is tough at times and it’s good to have friends that have your back.

Keep reading about our stance on Competitive Team Gymnastics and why your child deserves the attention we will give them.

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